Lewd Microfic, oral 

"Please mistress" I begged. "My creativity has run dry. Let me drink of the nectar of inspiration."The spirit dragon laughed heartily.

"My, my," she said. "So forward! Very well, you may drink." And with that, she spread her legs, exposing her engorged member. I took it into my mouth and worshipped it, teasing it with my tongue until, with a mighty roar, the spirit dragon came. I swallowed the seed, my hard earned gift, and left to finish my masterpiece.

Lewd Microfic, Furry, Sex 

The fox breathed heavily as the blue jay pounded at her ass, gradually building his pace. Her claws scraped at the tree she was leaning against as she reached her peak. With a grunt, the bluejay finished, filling the fox's ass with cum. The fox blew her own load soon after, making a mess of herself and leaving a streak of cum splattered against the tree.

"Phew," said the Fox. "I should go bird watching more often!"

Hey it's @xandra@yiff.life! This is a more lewd account for gay furry smut. All lewd posts will be tagged as such, and with specific fetishes, etc. Anyway, I'm hear to have some fun! 😏

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