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virgin monsterfucker:
-monstergirls eg anime girls with cat ears
-exclusively watches m monster / f human porn
-i Will kick their ass

chad monsterfucker:
-[sees horrifying writhing tentacle demon] ah, boyfriend material
-"remember kids, it's gotta have a human or higher level of consciousness and be capable of consent!"
-is also a monster
-i Will date them

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anyone have any good washing machines i can get stuck in

@snarkydragonbutt In the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit

*muffled amen*

Our Father In Heaven
Please have the grace of healing my soul
By letting a thicc mommy demon crush my entire body under that ass

Lewd shitpost 

"THERE IS NONE MORE EDGY THAN I." the Edgelord growls. I remove my skirt and panties, and tease the tip of his dick with my own until he finally cums. The Edgelord screams, defeated.

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Juste à cute black and white nude nerd 💖

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