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Instance administration ; account suspension 

@ LexNoxa @mastodon dot se was suspended for spreading misinformation and fash apologia

Instance Administration 

Dai [at] mastodon [dot] org [dot] uk has been suspended for spreading misinformation about COVID-19

all the people who recently followed me will be sad to learn that I don't post here that often

the climax of said month being monsterfucker christmas, of course

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open for horny 

tentacle fuck me daddy

Lewd furry comission 

Heyy heyyy new comission made by junethebun on FA

Re #introductions 

Many greetings critters! My name is Kai, and this is an AD alt of @StarlightPath . If it's lewd or just a bit too much for my main, expect it to go here~

Expect posts about lewd TF, eggs, and other pokehorny interests! Posts will be limited since I'm not horny all the time, but feel free to interact with me none the less!

Please be advised, posts are unlisted by default, but may go into followers-only without notice.

Instance Administration 

[at] Dnznude [at] t3dus [dot] me was suspended for not CWing nudes

turning down the ac to turn up the monster-snuggling mood

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Monster Fuckers

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