@nytpu that is extremely disappointing, there is an untapped material here.

lewd shitpost 

1. create a closed species of dragons that gets impregnated and lay Fabergé eggs

2. create an algorithm that generates unique Fabergé eggs and Dragons ™️with unique serials.

3. NFT that shit

4. market it to horny furries

5. profit

@snarkydragonbutt "grr i'm the dragon guarding this dungeon, you'll have to go through me if you want to get in- nooo don't walk right through me bc i'm a ghost noooooooo"

a giant ghost dragon guarding a dungeon would be pretty epic actually

I want to change my profile pic back to my sona, but also I like being a cute ghost...conflict.

welp, I reviewed all the artists I follow on FA and either they don't fit what I want or they're closed for comissions.

I still vividly remember my worst comission experience as a patron. The guy disapeared for months with me asking for updates until he sent me an email with no text, just a picture. The drawing was of very poor quality especially in terms of proportions (the tail of the character was in the middle of the back for some reason). But more importantly: it was not at all what I asked. The artist then changed his email. And its not like I got scammed, I saw his portfolio and he was known by people.

lewd words inside 

I just feel weird going to someone and describing to them in details my character getting gangbang by 18 dicks

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now, for the worst of comissioning someone : comissioning someone.

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