well now I guess I'll need to make one OC for every horny muse I get lmfao


self meta; muses of horny 

The Beefy Shy Guy That Blushes A Lot

The Tall Milf That Loves To Tease And Bully, But Lovingly

The Unassuming Femboy

The EGirl

The Demon/Deity

The Werewolf

The Misunderstood Monstrosity

The Fairly Humanoid Monster

The Tentacleric

And the list goes ooooooon

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re: self meta; muses of horny 

Lately I've been working more on accepting myself and being more free with who I am, so if creating characters based on things that I find sexually appealing helps me understand myself I should just do it. Hell, I certainly wouldnt be the only person to create characters for the sole purpose of sexual pleasure.

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