A thread ; beastiality; Instance Admin Meta & Announcment 

Hello everyone, today I had to do my first account suspension and I wish I had done so sooner. It was very hard for me to do, but I have to take a stance on this or else I fear this will lead to unwanted content on this instance. The user in question had, for a while, posted material containing bestiality and it made me very uncomfortable.

A thread ; beastiality; Instance Admin Meta & Announcment 

It could seem ironic that the monster fucking instance rejects this content, but I feel like there is a huge difference between an eldritch creature, which is unreal, having intercourse with a human and a character having sex with a dog or a horse. In the end, I created this instance with a specific idea in mind and I have to be the arbiter of what passes and what doesn't. I think I also need to further explain what is acceptable on here.


End of thread ; Instance Admin Meta & Announcment 

I wish to apologize for my inaction, I have very severe Avoidant Personality Disorder and I did not consider how it could affect my ability as an admin. I feel like I have failed in my mission and that my stagnation could have possibly hurt others. So again, if you were hurt by this: I am sorry ad I take responsibility for it. Someone proposed to help me mod, hopefully it will alleviate my anxiety and will give me a second opinion when I doubt.

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