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if I dated someone with a dick, I couldn't stop touching or sucking it tbh

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very lewd furry art 

I am incredibly excited about this new commission I got with a friend

art by

Third of the California Nights pieces, from 2018. This is a lesser series I did earlier in ATW, and even here in 2018 the designs aren't quite finalized.

Lewd Furry NSFW 

Fluff-Kevlar appreciation post, especially Twix and Avery which are some of my favorite characters

Lewd Microfic, Oral, demonfucking 

My fingers grabbed the edge of my throne as one of my attendants danced their tongue up and down my shaft while another titillated my breasts from behind.

"I should have started a sex cult ages ago," I sighed, my tail flicking back and forth in pleasure.

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