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It's heeeeeeere! My ref sheet for my fursona Mitternacht! I am SO excited about this!!! :ablobcatattention: :blobcatlove: :dragnuwu:

artist is

talking about monster fucking 

tentacle stuff used to be my big thing, it kinda rubbed off after a while. Not sure why

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very lewd ; monster fucking 

the tentacle pit produces juices that makes you feel good and relax, all the tension leaves your body.

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very lewd 

@snarkydragonbutt *Titanfall rail gun charging SFX plays as you jerk off*

very lewd ; monster fucking 

chilling in a tentacle pit, gettng slowly massaged and fucked

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very lewd 

Me, edging: rail canon locked and loaded

@snarkydragonbutt and they're not like. very monstery ever lmao it's just a normal big tiddy girl with like horns and wings. like that's not monsterfuckin that's just shitty halloween costume fuckin

very lewd 

it's okay bro, we're just gonna slime you bro 😩


I think womb tattoos are cute in both non horny and horny ways

not that I don't like monster girls, it's just overwhelmingly what's available

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uhhhhhhh there's so many anime monster girl shit, I wish it was easier to find the specific things I want

silly lewd ; caps 

* gravity kills voice * HEY HEY HEY I'M HORNYYY

kinky mention 

saw a subreddit called goodboysonleashes. turns out it's pictures of actual dogs, still pretty epic

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