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It's heeeeeeere! My ref sheet for my fursona Mitternacht! I am SO excited about this!!! :ablobcatattention: :blobcatlove: :dragnuwu:

artist is

very lewd 

now I'm thinking about that but there are many dicks of different monstery shapes and sizes and I give them all love

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very lewd 

that thing when you're worshipping someone's balls and their dick is on your face

re: lite kinky 

there's a reason why I made Mitternacht to be smol lmfao

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something cute <3
this drawing is quite small, but I liked it, so I did the digital processing after all. actually, I wanted to test the paper. it has a slightly less smooth texture than I usually draw on. it is not bad, but also not good ^^'

my [Tar'nex] found a little #flower. plants are rare in their world.

see how I drew 2% environment? that's process x)
#TarNex #creaturedesign #TraditionalArt #MastoArt #creativetoos #monster #alien #mixedmedia


big dicked femboys! The bigger it is, the more there is to tease!

NSFW art, lactation tentacles(consensual), slight hypnosis, milking 

It seems she's gotten into a bit of extra trouble (fun) with her tentacles! They've connected her up to the milker so that they can enjoy it for longer, and it almost seems like she's being a good and obedient girl. Wonder how that came to be?

you know, bowser has like 7 kids + one that's just called koopa kids + Bowser Jr. That dude fucks

An eldritch horror: "worthless insect, I am the wrath who boils in the void, the harbinger of decay. My existence spans eons forgotten as I devour all on my path. Soon I will appear before you and you shall behold my might!"

Me: are you,,,, asking me on a date? :blobcatblush:

working in my giant old school data center, long threads of paper come out with large amount of output data from my assgorithm ( an algorithm to calculate the precise value of asses)


this will be our lewd account since the domain of the instance our previous one was on expired

we'll be following users from memory, so if we were mutuals or interacted before feel free to follow

today's #drawing :]
the [#TarNex] live beneath the surface under very low light conditions. we humans would call it pitch black. the aliens can still see us while we see just darkness~
#ink #drawing #alien #creature #monster #skull #MastoArt #TradionalArt

dreams; soft lewd 

in my dreams I either try to punch someone and my arms become all noodly or I try to have sex with someone and I get interrupted

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