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It's heeeeeeere! My ref sheet for my fursona Mitternacht! I am SO excited about this!!! :ablobcatattention: :blobcatlove: :dragnuwu:

artist is


there's mommy milkers uwu, there's also mommy milker owo

I just saw that there are new versions of this figuring with new hands and faces. Also it has colour 😭

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I just remembered my femboy polynian figurine! The makers clearly knew what they were doing hehe. I need to find the accessories that went with it

Honestly tho, florans are super cute and I wish there was more of them Out There

re:kink shitpost ; I'm lore building at this point 

the plant people also produce a thick sap that they preserve in a specialized gland. This sap can be extracted by stimulating the prehensile phytogonad. The sap is mainly used to create tasty candies and even some skin creams and other cosmetics

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re:kink shitpost 

you see it's like the florans from Starbound but instead of craving flesh they crave cu-

[I get slapped with a rolled news paper]

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re:kink shitpost 

I have already come up with a premise for the sex plant people, why is my brain like this?

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re:kink shitpost 

watering your plants has a whole new meaning now

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re:kink shitpost 

expending on this idea:
- you get turned into a hot plant person
- you feed on cum instead of water
- when you eat enough you become in bloom and produce flowers. Each plant person has different flowers.
- the fruits you produce are deliciou, nutricious and almost addictive
- you are good for the environment

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kink shitpost 

new kink botanification: you get turned into a fuck plant

ovi, sorry, kink 

putting all my eggs (my top's eggs) into one basket (me)

lewd story 

me: this drag costume is ugly

gf: can you imagine if aliens looked like that?

me: that would be extremely disappointing

gf: of course, because you wouldn't want to fuck them!

me: you understand me so much

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