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It's heeeeeeere! My ref sheet for my fursona Mitternacht! I am SO excited about this!!! :ablobcatattention: :blobcatlove: :dragnuwu:

artist is


creating a lewd onlyfan and building an audience, then ask for cum tributes at specific times with specific words to create one giant chaos magic ritual.

admin meta 

why are masto's moderation tools so bad lmfao

gay lizards 

dragoness and her kobold 💜💖

I've just discovered Lindsey Ellis' channel and she made a video about monster fuckers and I'm here for it

emo femby nudes, 18+ only, boosts and flirts encouraged 

ur emo enby datefriend has some ideas for passing the time :owosneaky: :heart_nb:

Porn Meta 

Why is there so much step-sister shit on porn site?

The answer is weebs


Eating the main course and by that I mean A S S

Hot take? 

Zeus in the Hercules movie is a hot dad

Lewd AI dungeon 

"Fuck! You're turning into a fuckinginch!" Drake says as he stands up."
The rest of your body starts to grow as well. Before you know it, you're almost as tall as Drake.
"This is pretty weird," you say."How the hell am I doing this?"
"I have no idea,"

Why is Drake here? What's a fuckinginch?

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Lewd AI dungeon 

"You need to find a way to get rid of it. The first step you take is heading to the chem lab. You need to see if you can make something that will get rid of your dick."

the plot thickens

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