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🧚‍♀️💕 if it’s boost-able, you are welcome to boost it! ✨

also, donations to my cashapp help me get new toys and fun outfits! you can find that in my bio.

unsure if i’d like to put my face in lewds, but i’m thinking maybe $10/pic for my face to be included. this may change in the future.

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if anyone ever wants to buy pics / make a request, you’re welcome to do so for $5/picture.

theres so much dudebro vr porn.,,,,, can someone make tentacle vr porn for soft? as a treat??


some tv show quote i loosely remembered for 0 reason: (people) in their 20s,,,,, fuck so much

me: haha thats a stupid generalization

also me: needs to be fucked, like, constantly


i can cum like 2-3 times in a row if its not satisfying enough and it’s such a fucking curse

me irl: don’t look at me

me online: please look at me

want too spend the day tied up at home tbh

dumbass iasip based lewd joke 

the SOFT system:

Fuck a lot
Take nap

looked at these pics again & this bra is inside out, just so y’all know.

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uhhhhhhhhh blow your load all over my face

lewd joke 

i have a foot fetish but only when my feet are the fetish

accidentally boosting a funny toot on here but it works out bc it matches this account’s material

bondage rel 

being chained up??? hot if u ask me

boosting something from here and then going “SHIT FUCK” 2 seconds later, but constantly

🧚‍♀️💕 if it’s boost-able, you are welcome to boost it! ✨

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