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🧚‍♀️💕 if it’s boost-able, you are welcome to boost it! ✨

i should just do porn full time lol. that would be so fun

lewd, tentacle rel 

😳😳😳 just dropped some spicy clips on my OnlyFans 💕

lewd, nsfw 

i’ve been posting my best lewds on my OnlyFans lately. 💕💕 if you want to see more, check me out there!! subscriptions are free while i get my bearings 🥰🥰

found out it’s ok to have a max of 2 OnlyFans accounts

so i am keeping pocketpixie free. but pocketpixxxie will be paid and dirtier. 😈

someone buy me more slutty cosplay so i can model it for you 🥺👉👈

thinkin about dabbling in private cam shows in the near future. like if you’re interested. :blobcatlove: :blobheartcat:

*subscriptions free while i figure shit out. some content may be paywalled. get a pocket pixie today!!

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the verification hasn't gone through yet but i'm really proud of myself for snagging this @ 😭

dont go out drinking with pixie i guess

or do, if that’s your thing

feeling a little (very) insecure lately… but still wanting to show off!! :patcat: please tell me i’m pretty……

💕💖 $pixiesoft 💖💕

thinking about doing more nudes in the future. if anyone wants to see more, tips are great encouragement (and help buy costumes and toys!)

cashapp: $pixiesoft 🧚‍♀️💦

life is too short for me not to be having bomb ass sex.


dude i just want to be wanted, like i want someone to make me feel like they need me, like they’ll fucking die if they don’t nut inside of me right this fucking second.

so tired of looking at stranger’s dicks on the internet 😩 just want a dick to come home to at night.

anyone taking applications for housewife 💅 🙄

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