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kink wishlist 

My kink wishlist includes things I want to get and things I want to do. I'm still very new to this, so I expect to need plenty of guidance in all of these areas from someone more with more experience.

That said, here's my wishlist:

horny art, visible musk/sweat 

yeah, this is probably too horny to post on main.

🎨 (🔞)


At risk of being Off-Puttingly Horny, I just want one or more partners who'll regularly tease me and flirt with me in dominant and intimidating and threatening ways

kinkiness quiz results 

get on my fucking level

I want to take the garbage fire kink quiz just to see my kinkiness percentile

piss kink 

Alien gf who makes you wear her clothes and piss in them so she can have your scent on her when she wears them next


need someone to tie me up and edge me until I can't think, tbh

kink thirst? 

pretty frequently lately I've just been wanting to shut off my brain and give someone else the keys to it


I may be drone most of the time but sometimes I want to be a pet

regardless, I always want dommy attention :blobcat_pleading:


I am very, very horny tonight and I want to get personally dommed, but I don't have any idea who to ask, nor do I have the confidence to ask anyone directly 😔


I sure am horny rn and I sure would like to have my mind and body confined and controlled about it


I have a really nice ass, is the thing, and more people should have opportunities to appreciate it

horny activities 

at last night's party I made a friend who gave me a professional lapdance in fursuit. also I dronified her a little. It was rad.


Concept: Blåhaj plushsuit. Bind my arms to my sides, and my legs to each other, and slide me into an oversized plush shark. Very comfortable and good for cuddling, I would imagine.

lewd art, alien genitals 

how could you say no to that smile?

(Evacot's pronouns are they/them)

🎨 @heroboof

lewd art 

Dry versions!

[he/him & she/her pronouns]

art by

pseudopenis inspired by

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lewd art, piss, wetting 

Is Cassidy's yoga session important? Yes. Is it so important that he can't interrupt it to piss? Also yes.

[he/him & she/her pronouns]

art by

pseudopenis inspired by

kink thoughts 

I think I want to be restrained so much, both physically and mentally, because it gives me an excuse to do nothing and think nothing and produce nothing. I get to just vibe for a while and be rewarded for it.


nothing in particular but. I really want to engage in dronekink more. I want to take some time with a trusted friend for them to hypnotize me, and reinforce my dronespace, and use me to do mundane chores, and run programs on me to do all the goddamn work I've been putting off.

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