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kink wishlist 

My kink wishlist includes things I want to get and things I want to do. I'm still very new to this, so I expect to need plenty of guidance in all of these areas from someone more with more experience.

That said, here's my wishlist:

dronekink, irl photos 

3417 :: Material conversion continues. Collar in place.


bluhhhh I'm horny, but all alone, with no one here to do anything about it with in-person, nor anyone around to take advantage of my needy state and dominate me

horny (sweaty) 

Note to self: don't wear this shirt when going out to play Pump It Up

unless someone wants to come take it off of me and wring the sweat out into their mouth or something


I wanna suck all my friends' diiiiiiiicks

horny bits, character concept 

working on a tertiary fursona: 100% rubber, harpy eagle femboy with a nullge and a horsecock cocktongue. big chonky wing hands/fingers like the Rito in BOTW. Color patterns TBD.

undirected kink thirst 

Pretty sure I've said this before - I want others to lust after me & desire me in a dominating way, but I feel so self-conscious about actually acting submissive & taking up space in a submissive way, especially in public or semi-public environments, especially if I'm being directly addressed.

For brief time this weekend, I got what appeared to be personal, dominant attention, and I somehow allowed myself to really lean into it. It felt great. I want more of that.

splatoon OC lewd 

he's rank X and he'll kick your ass in battle, but outside of the arena he's much more agreeable (in other words, a total cumslut)


irl butt photo (lewd) 

My ass says good morning

horny whining 


I'm horny and I wanna do something to indulge in it like rp, but all I can see happening is planning out an rp and then starting it and getting two responses out before I fall asleep or have no idea how to continue

NSFW ref sheet 

My new OC's ref sheet is done!

Say hello to Boralyphe. And its huge dick, I guess.


lewd, weird, in abstract 

Thinking about this tweet:

For a character, I think I'd go with Toothless from HTTYD, but I have no idea what kink. Cum baths? Anal vore? Or something weirder, like cock-tongues...

dronekink photo 

3417 :: Acquired a new hood, made of spandex, which is much more comfortable for extended wear than the latex hood it initially got.

I want to get more kink gear but hrgh it's expensive and I'm not exactly sure what I want to get next

"Hello, HexCorp? I'd like to order an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, please!"

d/s, switch woes 

me: "I wanna be a sub in a committed d/s relationship"
*gets into a d/s relationship, is the dom*
*gets into another d/s relationship, is the dom*
me: "wait,"


"What's your political ideology?"
3417 :: 053 :: Dronarchist.
3417 :: 303 :: It obeys the Hive.
3417 :: 304 :: It obeys the Hive Mxtress.

recounting lewd events irl 

This is the cock I took. I think I got almost to the medial ring inside me :3

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recounting lewd events irl 

Went to a watersports party yesterday that unsurprisingly turned into a flat-out orgy and it was honestly the highlight of my month. I impressed everyone there by taking a horsecock strap up the ass that apparently no one ever had taken before. the atmosphere was really nice and comfy and fun and I can't wait to do it again!

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