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kink wishlist 

My kink wishlist includes things I want to get and things I want to do. I'm still very new to this, so I expect to need plenty of guidance in all of these areas from someone more with more experience.

That said, here's my wishlist:

lewd, personal 

I should really get a buttplug that's designed for extended wear, something slightly larger that will keep me stretched out

irl lewd 

it does feel nice to have this buttplug in for a while, but it sure would be more fun with someone else handling it, or telling me what I can or can't do about it.

is this a flirt? an invitation? maybe not an invitation if we haven't already talked.

horny, chastity 

I want some kinda chastity device that allows my dick to get hard but stops me from doing anything about it

lewd, weird 

My tertiary fursona is gonna have a cocktongue but I haven't decided on what kind of cock it should be. Anyone got suggestions?

meta horny 

edging and orgasm denial are great but it's kind of annoying how much they interfere with, like, being able to do anything that requires effort

kink thirst 

I really, really want to cuddle with someone and just know that they own me completely, and that I'd do anything they tell me to, no matter how humiliating


Who wants to come tie up my arms and legs and edge me forever

TF horny 

oh to be fucked by a monster repeatedly over an extended period of time, gradually being transformed into the same kind of monster throughout


Now accepting applications to put me in a bitchsuit and on a leash, and pass me around as a good little fucktoy

horny, thirsty 

I think it would be cool if I had some kind of handler or owner or dominant figure who forbids me from touching myself unless I have something shoved up my asshole


fuck!!! I need to get my ass destroyed, pronto

wish I didn't feel so awkward about asking anyone to dominate me >_<'

horny thirsty needy 

ughhhghhh what would it take for someone to come along and TEASE me and HUMILIATE me and USE me like the desperate slut I am

I'm a slut and I think more people should be recognizing this more often

horny art, visible musk/sweat 

yeah, this is probably too horny to post on main.

🎨 (🔞)


At risk of being Off-Puttingly Horny, I just want one or more partners who'll regularly tease me and flirt with me in dominant and intimidating and threatening ways

kinkiness quiz results 

get on my fucking level

I want to take the garbage fire kink quiz just to see my kinkiness percentile

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