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kink wishlist 

My kink wishlist includes things I want to get and things I want to do. I'm still very new to this, so I expect to need plenty of guidance in all of these areas from someone more with more experience.

That said, here's my wishlist:

lewd irl 

So I was able to wiggle out of my chastity cage without unlocking it, and I think that means I need to switch to a smaller ring. However, my ballsack is so shrunken and retracted that I can't get the ring to stay on and then fit my dick through it and get the cage itself on. grrrrrrrr.

last boost: I playtested that game and it's real good

Lewd IRL 

my chastity cage arrived! I spent a few minutes trying to put it on and failing; I'll give it another shot later.

I'm horny. Not enough to do anything about it, but enough to want things to be done to me.

Drone kink 

Last night I spent a couple hours in drone mode being used by a friend as a sex object & rubber duck for game development and honestly it fucking ruled. I gotta do that more.

irl nude (nsfw) 

horny horny horny horny horny horny

good morning

(boosts encouraged)

Very submissive and horny 

I am SO submissive right now you have no idea. I need to be dominated, and I need to be teased, and made to do such humiliating things, I just can't handle it. Gaahhhhh, would somebody please just take control of me, and use me for your own pleasure... I'm so tired of being left alone and treated as if I have any right to decide what's best for myself, I need someone to come along and use me, please...


goddamn I want a dom/me who'll degrade me and treat me with total disrespect

I've really been getting into the "dubiously-sinister organizations with pink or purple color schemes and hypnotic techniques" community lately


I think horsecock is overrated but not THAT overrated. it's pretty good.


I want to suck some femboy dick

kink question 

is there a meaningful difference between collars that lock in the front and those that lock in the back?

nsfw personal irl 

so I'm using my plug for the first time in a couple weeks, and despite the lack of regular use, it feels like there was way less resistance this time than there was before. Like, the first time I got it all the way in, it was pretty strenuous, and I only made it bc I knew it wouldn't stretch so much for so long. But this time, it got in without even needing to work up the confidence for one deliberate push, it just went in with relative ease.

sex toy link 

This is hot as fuck and I want it. Also makes me want to do more involved ponyplay.

I have an EXCELLENT idea for a piece of art I'd like to get. Unfortunately, it may be a little outside of my budget to get a detailed, shaded or painted full scene as I would like to. :(

kink thoughts 

My inferiority complex is terrible in ordinary circumstances, but it sure does make me an enthusiastic submissive.

Drone kink 

They have LIGHTS on their HANDS

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Drone kink 

That bit in the super bowl halftime show where all the people were in those masks and identical outfits



Every once in a while I think about what it would be like to have a superpower where you know, just by looking at someone, exactly how long it has been since the last time they orgasmed

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