That's all we're posting for now. We've got more to it but honestly it needs some editing and we're maybe gonna turn it into a full novella/ebook

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Erotic Fiction, penetration 

Finally, I could take no more. With a groan of pleasure, my cock pulsed over and over, covering the insides of my partner in warm cum. My head swam in ecstasy, and I heard my lover moan as she shook in my arms, her walls clamping tight around my cock, miliking it for every drop. The chanting reached its own climax as ours faded, and the energy circulating the temple was released into the air. The Rite was complete, and the spell would take its own time to work.

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Erotic Fiction, penetration 

As we became more absorbed in the act of mating, our tempo began to build, seemingly in time with the chanting around us. Our breathing became heavy and our moans of pleasure became louder and louder. Our tails thrashed back and forth as we rutted, two salamanders in the throes of passion. It wasn't long before I sensed that I was reaching my limit. She must have sensed that as well, because she lifted her head up to my ear and whispered, "don't pull out."

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Erotic Fiction, penetration 

The other sorceresses around us began to raise their arms, shaping the energy generated by our union. But I soon found myself unable to conectrate on the ritual. My focus was pulled elsewhere, to the pressure of our bodies against each other, the tight grip of her vaginal walls on my cock, the tasts of her tongue on my lips, the feel of her moist skin beneath my hands. The scent of incense mixed with that of sweat and musk and utterly intoxicated us.

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Erotic Fiction, penetration 

We embraced each other and kissed, our tongues sliding down each others throats as our hands softly massaged each other's breasts. With a firm yet gently grip, my lover guided me down onto the blanket that had been provided. As we reached the ground, she spread her legs and I guided my member into her folds. Slowly, I began to rock my hips against hers, sliding my member in and out. She moaned in pleasure and began to move her hips in tandem with mine.

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Erotic Fiction, nudity 

As the tempo of the chanting increased, we each took off our robes, and beheld each other fully naked. I saw the smooth green skin of her body, her sharp angular snout, her firm breasts. Her tail twitched back and forth as she looked me over in turn, her attention especially drawn to my now fully erect member and my own budding breasts. We both stepped forward into the circle.

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Erotic Fiction, genital mention, estrus 

We stood before each other, robed in scarlet, surrounded by the rhythmic chanting of the other sorceresses. I could smell her heat, and already my cock was beginning to harden. Those of the sisterhood who possessed dicks often found it difficult to be around sisters in heat. But tonight was a special occasion, and I didn't need to worry about controlling my urges.

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Alright monsterfuckers, we're doing this, we're posting the porn we wrote.

Lewd Microfic, Oral, demonfucking 

My fingers grabbed the edge of my throne as one of my attendants danced their tongue up and down my shaft while another titillated my breasts from behind.

"I should have started a sex cult ages ago," I sighed, my tail flicking back and forth in pleasure.

NSFW Horny, not an invite 

😈 If you ask me, this body needs to get fucked more often while I'm fronting

horny, oviposition 

Well Melody (Freya's new name) made a bird sona for herself and now we can stop thinking about eggs

lewd shitpost 

Becoming a volcel to spite the sexy people who want to fuck me

Contemplating the difference between horny and non-horny

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