Horny but gross, this question is funny but not a joke 

This post brought to you by my need to get railed til I can't walk but also have been to the bathroom 4 times since I woke up lmao

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Horny but gross, this question is funny but not a joke 

Are there any bottoms with ibs that can give me tips on how the fuck I am supposed to bottom when I am highly concerned about the Consequences

Like so far the only times I've bottomed for my partner have been on days where my guts have not been actively rebelling against me, and I like it, my partner loves it and says it's very gender affirming for him, I like to do it more but uh. ibs


Homophobic that I'm not getting my brains railed out rn

why do they call it a bussy when you of in the dick of out hot breed the boy 😌

Bro it's not gay just let me give ur nips a lil smooch. A little kiss. It's not gay bro just a mere morsel of tiddy for my lips bro please

When I find myself in times of horny
Mother Mary comes to me
Whispering words of wisdom,
"not gonna cum"

Very lewd 

So me and my partner decided to try 69ing last night and folks, Holy fuck

He wanted me to be on top, so I was fucking his throat while sucking his dick and hhhhhhh jesus that was so good, we had to stop cause I got a cramp tho 😭 were doing it again tn and I am so fucking horny at work thinking about it

Thank god for these lab coats, hiding a hard on has never been so easy


My partner grew out their nails a little and now when they scratch me during ✨activities✨ it breaks the skin a LOT

I look like I got jumped by like a dozen cats lmao

Lewd, bdsm, advice pls, blood, violence 

Like I am scrolling through my messages thinking "I really fucking typed that. What the hell dude, I can't even text someone that I'm gonna be a few minutes late and I texted him THAT???"

hello demon sharing my body. I see and appreciate you

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extremely lewd 

again i realize that compared to a lot of other peoples sex problems i really have no space to complain here

but... with this very specific set of circumstances its actually like a problem. just in my head really, i guess, cause i can make up for it in many other ways

i dunno

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extremely lewd 

the big plus side to this is you can just keep going for your partner without needing to stop other than applying some lube. and that rocks

but like. what if your partner gets off on you getting off

things get complicated!

and thats why i was trying to edge (tying this back to the first post) so i could get off quick the first time then just fuck for however long they felt like it

but nope body decided it was time to cum

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extremely lewd 

idk man. i understand premature ejaculation must be not fun at all but like id take it over my body deciding im not allowed to get off at all, cause at least if you get off too quick the first time you can just go slam a gatorade and eat some toast and you can go again

but if your body decides youre just not allowed to get off, thats it dude. youre not getting off

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extremely lewd 

like hell yeah when im fucking im trying to get off. but for me like i want to get my partner off primarily, then like ill probly get off cause of that or within an hour or so of that

but when i dont, i like, i dont want them to feel like thats on them but there is literally no way to say that that doesnt end up w them probably being like "what am i doing wrong" yknow, and i dont want that

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extremely lewd 

i know that some people have problems w cumming too quick so i always feel silly as shit complaining about this but like

dude after like 6 hours straight its like, is finishing worth it anymore. like dude im gonna slip a disc one of these days and thats not gonna be sexy at all for anyone involved lmao

and of course like thats not really the point for me like i have a lot more fun getting my partner off than i do trying to get myself off but i dont want them to like... feel weird

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extremely lewd 

fuck. goddamn it. you gotta be kidding me

i make an effort to like. not jack off within a couple of days of seeing my partner unless im intentionally edging, cause even if i wasnt doing this i just take fucking hours to cum, which is, i know, the opposite of a problem for most people


i was just trying to edge rn and i like. came really fucking hard, like. just ridiculous fucking amounts of cum

.....god fucking damn it

Lewd ment 

the real broke bitch struggle is waiting an hour for a cab to hook up w ur boyfriend cause u can't afford a car lmao

Bath nudes, very very nsfw 

Update still feeling very into this bath

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