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money, tips link, sex work, boosts welcome 

hey! if you like our pics, can afford it, and want to toss us anything for putting our tits on the internet, feel free~

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intelligence is bullshit, sapiosexuals can fuck off, being otherkin is great, being disabled is good, being plural is rad as hell. we will not be taking arguments on these

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a pin on ableism, some ableist slurs as examples 

hey just so you know, we will be muting and blocking and unfollowing as necessary for uncriticized un-CWed ableism.

including: using intelligence ("stupid" or "smart", either way), calling shit "crazy" and relying on saneism, and using slurs like "cripple"

don't ask us to @ you and tell you when you've messed up.

fellow disabled people reclaiming slurs: don't worry about this, we don't need a CW on that.

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boundaries pin (no boosts) 

๐Ÿšซ DON'T:
@ us with ableist bullshit (see other pins)
roleplay/touch us without prompt
give unsolicited advice

โœ”๏ธ DO:
- ask to flirt or hit on us. we will probably say yes. seriously go for it
- boost the hell out of our nudes
- ask us for roleplay, if we've flirted a bit already
- check out our previous posts, "favebomb", go through our media tab, whatever makes you happy (seriously we love this)
- address our system members individually if you want!
- ask us for CWs

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our kink/horny related content warning scheme: 

all kink posts will have "kink" once in the CW for that to be filtered, for the sake of our non-followers and the public TL. example: "d/s kink", but also "bloodplay, d/s kink" or "bloodplay kink", never just "d/s" or just "bloodplay"

(also we use the "-play" suffix for a lot of kinks to disambiguate, eg painplay rather than s/m)

we generally use "horny" or "lewd" as applicable.

we Don't Like "not safe for work", it's broad and very normative.

striking discord and unrest in the queer community by showing up in a shirt that says "actually 0 things about ur personality and behavior in a nonromantic context indicate whether you're a top or a bottom or a dom or a sub. thanx"

money beg, boosts good 

Hey I hate to do this again but I only have a month of rent money left and that's if I like, don't spend hardly any money on other things I gotta buy, and I'm unemployed and can't drive, living in a tiny town full of old people where there was a covid case recently

If anyone can maybe try to help out it would be very much appreciated

lb: we really have nothing right now i know it's a bad time for asking for help but we're kinda desperate

we need milk and bread, and i need stuff to keep my blood sugars normal

im still open for commissions if anyone wants one, i can even dicount them a little if it helps

nsfw, promoting my porn vids :boost_ok: 

ok i have a manyvids, not much on here but I plan on maybe adding more

buy if u can & boosts v much appreciated!!

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Help with rent, bills, and food 

As things stand, I'm going to be short on rent ($540), to say nothing of storage ($190), internet ($60), phone ($60), and food (about $100 per week). Any and all assistance is welcome.

Give to a Black/BIPOC person first.

Please boost.

#TransCrowdFund #CrowdFund #Nonbinary #ActuallyAutistic

asking for financial help 

Hi, mastochums!, wanna help @tinygoblin
and myself, a lovely disabled trans couple make it through to benefit payday on the 11th? Please boost and donate if you can. #transcrowdfund

money stuff, request for help as usual 

hi! you can support us on:$Fidgetcetera

we're about to have a new phone, which means we can start pushing for putting it on a plan of our own, which means that our parents will have one less method of control and we can cut off their contact entirely by ditching our old number.

we have a patreon goal for roughly how much a pay-by-use Ting phone plan will be for us, but it'll probably be lower in most cases since we're on wifi so often.

additionally, we've made a wishlist at if ppl wanna send us money to get something, specific or not, that we've been wanting.

also, like, we spend on food delivery more than we'd like but as much as is necessary because we are disabled and sometimes can't cook, so. help is always appreciated.

and thanks always to everyone who does. yall make our life a lot better and it's amazing โœจ

#TransCrowdFund #DisabilityCrowdFund

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I was made redundant this week, so I'm looking for a new job.

I have a Masters degree in International Marketing and 6 years experience in marketing, social media & customer service.

Would prefer remote working, but will consider Manchester area.


If you are thin and reading this has overwhelmed you with the urge to tell me I'm wrong

Please first read this article:

And then whether you agree or not, don't bother to tell me.

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โœจ Fat is beautiful. Fat is round and soft and cute and smooth.

๐Ÿ’ช Fat is strong. Fat is lifting and carrying and muscles and weight.

๐ŸŒฑ Fat is natural. Your body wants to be this size.

Fat is not ugly. Not unhealthy. Not shameful.

Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

emo femby nudes, 18+ only, boosts and flirts encouraged 

ur emo enby datefriend has some ideas for passing the time :owosneaky: :heart_nb:

emo femby nudes, asking for donations 

if u like these pics let me know and ill post a second set! if u Really like these pics, u can tip me with the link below! donations help me afford ptsd medication and coping tools, both of which I can't really afford right now ^^;

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Disabled trans woman looking for roommates in Greater Boston Area by September 1st; please boost; additional info 

The apartment is within walking distance of a MBTA bus stop, as well as the Quincy Center Red Line station. There's a clothes washer and dryer in the basement, costing 2$ in quarters each to use.

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Disabled trans woman looking for roommates in Greater Boston Area by September 1st; please boost 

In Quincy, looking for 1-2 roommates who can help cover $2100/month rent ($700 per bedroom, includes electricity) and ~$90/month utilities (water/gas/internet, cheapest avg month $40, most expensive $125. Iโ€™m likely to be eligible for heat assistance during winter). 3 bedrooms (2 available), 1 bath. No pets, no smoking, vaping probably fine. I cannot pay any more than my share of rent+utilities due to limited disability income

Ideally looking for other queer roommates, who can keep the shared kitchen and other spaces clean/free of dishes regularly. I am generally quiet and keep to myself, but also am open to friendly interaction, including occasionally sharing food or such. I am disabled, and occasionally require assistance in moving heavy objects, including my monthly medical supply shipment. (Delivered to the front porch, getting it into the apartment is difficult)

Please DM for pictures or other details

money, tips link, sex work, boosts welcome 

hey! if you like our pics, can afford it, and want to toss us anything for putting our tits on the internet, feel free~

horny pic, trans clit and tits, no image descriptions 

ah yes and now the part where as we get soft again we just leak cum for a while

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horny pic, trans clit and tits, no image descriptions 

hard to see because we make very little amounts of very clear cum
but fuck we just came twice and we're still horny

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