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im honestly sick of people interacting with this account without checking my boundaries. is2g im gonna start blocking on sight if this keeps happening

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sex work 

this seems like a good time to remind everyone that i sell nudes and nude commissions :3

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Hey if I don't know you and we've never interacted I'm probably not going to approve your follow!

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took the bdsm test again out of boredom, here's the results (link) 

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anyway if you think bdsm is bad and nobody should do it you're probably a TERF/SWERF and i hate you :)

i hate the idea of engaging with rich old people in any way whatsoever, but i do really like the idea of being a sugar baby 😩 too bad being rich makes u ugly..

love to accuse my partner of wanting to have sex with me

doc oc in my dream: can summon gelatinous purple octopus arms from the ground anywhere in sight
me in my dream: this would be good for tentacle sex. but that would be so unprofessional, we have work to do

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lewd, knot 

thinking about getting knotted in my mouth

what if i added a poll to every post on this acc like so:

i just think it would be cool to be grabbed by the face

im just a level 1 goblin,, please don't. grind me.. for xp.....


when will i be allowed to cum

"you're not allowed to touch me" is one of the meaniest meanie rules. wanna touch!!!! >:T

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