thinking about calling people "morsel" as a domme thing

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Biting your neck in the shower πŸ’¦

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Fucking wild that cereal was meant to cure masturbation. You ever eat frosted flakes? Only thing i want to do after hitting a bowl of that is crank one out

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one of my friends keep blowing smoke into her webcam when we hang out and keeps joking about how good her pussy is and tbh pretty excited to see the end of this plot thread

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truly a tragedy that nobody is here to blow smoke in my face and then sit on it

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Calling my rival a cow cuz of her big tits. *sweats and eyes darting hoping she doesn't call out my cow obsession*

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kind of love when my rival refers to my tits being big by calling me a cow lmao

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Wonder what could fit there... πŸ†

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Thinking about how much glee i get whenever my gf and i joke about my dick never getting a chance to get dry when im with her

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@petme final-fucking-ly we're back in the online bone zone

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