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"Chastity / Lure"
Very long thread. Escape, submission, friends become lovers, backseat photo opp, and murder

"Nostalgia" - Followers only, so I can't link to it. Epilogue to Lure, body disposal and ruminating on abuse.

Petplay, family planning, sleepy encounter between roommates.

"Mermaid Eggs / Date / Milk"
Ovipositor, transformation, a mermaid and her girlfriend

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Comics Table of Contents, presented chronologically. These are links to the first post of each threaded comic scenario.

"Faun Brat"
Fantasy setting, bloody

"Public Restroom"
AU as strangers, kinky hook up

"Shave and a Haircut"
Power imbalance, D/s kink (bad dom)

Exhibition and D/s kink

Roommate gets permissions


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Hey there, I'm Sorrel. I already had a lewd alt but I made another, mostly because of the irresistible new instance, and also because I draw monsters anyway, why not draw monsters lewdly? Plus I'm curious to see what other people put up around here as well.

If you try to flirt with me before we've had a single conversation I just won't reply. As much as I love flirting, I don't like making people uncomfortable, and that is easier to avoid if I know somebody better.

Lewd joke 

I noticed my roommate didn't use his CPAP so I joked about putting a sticky note on it with ahegao and "use me, Daddy!"

That got a laugh

Also, now he is using the CPAP

I finished a page last night but tonight I had other stuff to do and didn't start a new one. I wrote dialog for one, and had ideas, which is certainly progress.

hello everyone, time for some ✨ self promotion ✨

I have unleashed all of my Valentine's Day pins, new pride flag pins, some body positive stuff, stickers, and a couple pairs of earrings over on my etsy shop 🎉

so if you like my art and wanna help support a queer, disabled, indigenous artist please check out my shop, share my shop, boost this post, etc. and if you don't want to buy off etsy, you can message me right here and we can work somethin out. thank you!

selfies, eye contact, uspol, entering/leaving meme, pre-transition alana 

Entering the Trump presidency // leaving the Trump presidency

Transitioning is an act of rebellion, but that was especially true for the past four years 💜💙

trans, ph-, answers pls 


What do I do if I need estradiol for dysphoria reasons, but it's not exactly great for my hypermobility-related muscle pain and fatigue?

In this week's Fairy Play, two fauns aren't afraid of a monster, nor particularly polite.

CW partial nudity (tits)


nonbinary shitpost, mocked transphobic nonsense 

so, are you decimal? hexadecimal? octal? what's in your numberpants??

mirror selfie, eye contact, made-up number keysmash 

Alana attempts to experiment with their looks, session 535644753

i turned off the skin editing thing in this app and it still smooths out my pimples the best it can lmao

but the filters are too cute so here we are

Nostalgia, final panels

I made this when I was having a pretty bad episode stuck in a loop thinking about my ex husband.

CW graphic depiction of a corpse, swarming insects, nudity with no view of genitals, food mention, bullying mention

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Epilogue - Nostalgia

CW weed, murder, graphic depiction of a corpse, autistic person summarizing his abuser's ableist view of him, implied abuse of a child from an older child, swarming insects, nudity with no view of genitals

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