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Hey there, I'm Sorrel. Rewriting this now because it's been a long time. This is now my only lewd alt. I draw comics. My tastes have been changing as I'm now over a year on testosterone and that has quite an influence on libido, so earlier comics have more setting and plot while more recent comics consist more of fetish art with minimal context.

Currently living on my own with just a kitten for company. I'm not okay but don't worry about it.

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Troll on Human
size difference with a troll dude and a human enby

Mushroom Tentacles
Petplay with woodwose and a goblin faun and a fungus zombie

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Comics Table of Contents, presented chronologically. These are links to the first post of each threaded comic scenario.

"Faun Brat"
Fantasy setting, bloody

"Public Restroom"
AU as strangers, kinky hook up

"Shave and a Haircut"
still need to re-upload this one
Power imbalance, D/s kink (bad dom)

Exhibition and D/s kink

Roommate gets permissions


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"Chastity / Lure / Nostalgia"
Very long thread. Escape, submission, friends become lovers, backseat photo opp, and murder

"Sleepy" (still need to re-upload)
Petplay, family planning, sleepy encounter between roommates.

"Mermaid Eggs / Date / Milk"
Ovipositor, transformation, a mermaid and her girlfriend

Bisexual fauns fucking.

"Good Boy"
Trans man having bondage time with other dudes.

tfw your washroom breeds bolsheviks

The student who noticed Jack and Liam sneaking around turns out to be quite strong.

CW violence, also it's quite dark


preview image CW eye contact

hey guys, i really appreciate all the help so far
I have a month to gather the rest of this money, which atm is $1265
I'm still trying to get a job but am having no luck, and at this rate i still wouldnt be able to pay for this if i got a job Right Now
I'm sorry to have to ask for so much from fedi but i don't have another option, if i dont pay this, we lose all the things we couldnt bring with us

plz help

Venmo: SCoyote

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest

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kitten perched on my ample ass cheek, queen of the sorl

Begpost, Injured Pet 

Okay, so, we seriously thought we could do this completely by ourselves, but we're not actually sure if we can.

Our cat had a UTI and that's taken care of with an antibiotics injection, but our emotionally and financially abusive father was making us choose between the cat and paying back a debt to this company called ProCollect (something we refused to do). We don't get paid next until August 5th and already did our paycheck advance for the week and we've never done that before, so we don't know if it'll even work.

As it turns out, our cat might have a (apologies) fucked up paw from trying to jump up on one of the shelves in our room, something we thought he succeeded at, and which is something we didn't notice until extremely recently (as soon as yesterday night) and we would like to stop restraining him as soon as possible.

Please help us. The Xray and check in alone we hear is probably about $220 USD. We would like to get to $300 - $350 USD to account for car gas money, any meds he might need, and the fact both us and the cat still need food.

Why didn't we say anything until now? Well, what else are you going to do when you think you can do everything by yourself?? We didn't think we would need the help and we're also scared shitless.

We only have a Cash App for now because our PayPal and Venmo don't like our system name, so we have to do something about that, sorry:$rusanyacollective

you have two options:

- make it illegal to charge entry to public toilets

- make pissing/shidding on the street legal

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To all that are using xenopronouns: xenopronouns are awesome. 💜

While I didn't take anything out to my car tonight, I did stage boxes etc near the door so I can take them out more efficiently tomorrow. I feel good, strong. The boxes didn't feel heavy to me. I definitely don't work out so it's got to be the testosterone.

going to see if my legs have recovered enough that I can load stuff into my car some more

I took a nap after a busy day driving for over an hour there and over an hour back, carrying things in, grocery shopping, clearing out some things from my apartment, and after I woke up refreshed I was like, alright let's get back to - ow.

the ghost is willing but the meat is feeble

"communism can't work, people are selfish."

Frankly, for whatever shortfalls Marx might have had as an anthropologist or psychologist, the story he gets to tell in response to this claim is an extremely compelling one: you can't be selfish on your own, you must be selfish in the framework of a society that allows you to be demonstrably selfish. What's your society like that allows you to be this way, and "allows" not in a permissive sense, but literally in a physically enabling way? What is it that you want? What is it that you can have too much of to someone else's detriment?

I could have made it more accurate to the old illustrations I referenced and given her hands and feet and made her well hung, but, like, I don't always want to draw dicks

sort of wearing the anti-loincloth, hide the butt and leave the pussy out

her original design was sorta interesting but more dragon than djinn

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boost if you have a cat
boost if you want a cat
boost if you are a cat
no one will know which

porn, fucking, nudity (again) 

I went ahead and colored it.

Emma and Moth, huldra and faun. In my mind, once Emma got Moth cumming she'd find ways to draw it out until he's a quivering limp mess, and then just continue to play with him.

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