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Comics Table of Contents, presented chronologically. These are links to the first post of each threaded comic scenario.

"Faun Brat"
Fantasy setting, bloody

"Public Restroom"
AU as strangers, kinky hook up

"Shave and a Haircut"
Power imbalance, D/s kink (bad dom)

Exhibition and D/s kink

Roommate gets permissions


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"Chastity / Lure"
Very long thread. Escape, submission, friends become lovers, backseat photo opp, and murder

"Nostalgia" - Followers only, so I can't link to it. Epilogue to Lure, body disposal and ruminating on abuse.

Petplay, family planning, sleepy encounter between roommates.

"Mermaid Eggs"
Ovipositor, transformation, a mermaid and her girlfriend

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Hey there, I'm Sorrel. I already had a lewd alt but I made another, mostly because of the irresistible new instance, and also because I draw monsters anyway, why not draw monsters lewdly? Plus I'm curious to see what other people put up around here as well.

If you try to flirt with me before we've had a single conversation I just won't reply. As much as I love flirting, I don't like making people uncomfortable, and that is easier to avoid if I know somebody better.

be gay, do crime (bc it should be illegal for me to be this hot)

selfie, :BoostOK:

Lewd, isolation 

Wishing somebody other than me could be making me moan. Wanting to growl, hair in my fist and a pulse between my teeth. Hold a girl's face by her jaw and push her head back to get to her throat.

Wash her gently in a hot bath and give kisses, tickle and toy with her, spoon and watch something together, draw cute messages and hearts on her belly, hold her in my lap and cradle her head in my arms, still except for soft breathing, safe and content.

Reading bios before following is good because:
✨ you can learn really basic essentials for future interactions like pronouns
✨ find out important boundaries to prevent you from sticking your foot in it later (check pinned toots too!)
✨ learn their interests for an idea of what they might toot about
✨ website links to have a nosey at their art, projects, etc and potentially give support towards them
✨ discover the big red flags early
✨ it's just polite, really

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kobold emojis you can use if you'd like!! 

so ive been trying to get back into vector art (the stuff ive been doing before this has just been, making fake vector art in procreate,) and i figured a get way to get back into it was to make some kobold emojis!

will make more variations in the future but i think im good with this for now,

food, its been 108+ all week 

its too fucking hot to cook so i've been getting use out of the crockpot which has minimal heat impact on the house

soaked red beans over night and then threw them in the crock pot for a few hours, then added fried up ground beef, corn, onion, garlic, paprika, cayenne, corriander, chilie powder, and pinto beans we make by huge batches and freeze for later (the trick to this is freezing them flat in a bag, using a cookie sheet so you can stack tons in your freezer AND they thaw in like, an hour, easy)

chilie beans! no fuss, no need to turn on the oven or the stove for more than 15 minutes

Fairy Play has updated with a page that probably skirts the edge of what is allowed on the website hosting the comics, with barely concealed sex, body fluids, and nudity. Also a little bit of violence but nothing bloody.


If you would like to order a hardcover copy of my comic, 116 sides, 58 pages, constituting the first book. Please let me know in the next 10 days (starting July 9th, 2020). Costs $40 plus shipping.

You may also read it online for free here:
Fairy Play is a fantasy horror comic, not appropriate for children.

If a lot of people place orders, I'll extend the ten days to give people more time, but as I'm typing this I don't know if anybody is going to order any.

something that excites me more than the idea of producing tons of professional artists is the idea that anyone no matter their station in life could receive ongoing lifelong artistic training at their choosing

Life is finite.

Use it to make the world better.

Actively and boldly use your time on earth to shape it to the future you want.

Give back. Learn. Teach others what you've learned.

Don't hold back. Life is short.

Life a life worth telling future generations.

also yeah if yall didn't know this? the thing people called SARS? COVID-19 is basically that but 2.0. SARS is now called SARS-CoV-1, whereas COVID-19's virus is called SARS-CoV-2. we could've had a vaccine ready if funding and time had been poured in over the last twenty years, and we had every reason to suspect this would happen.

the only reason we called it COVID-19 and not SARS-2 is that politicians wanted to make it sound nicer. not like something fucking terrifying like SARS. which. you know what? we should've picked the terrifying name to try to make people care.

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Selfie ec 

Hello dark green, clearly not patriotic hair~


I only just
as my family was getting home
and scrambled to be decent
because my boy does not knock
roommate was like, "Are you okay?"
and I was like, "Aa...yeahhh...I'm fine."

lewd art, oral sex 

I thought this panel made a cute stand-alone picture of Duria sleepily throating Emma's girlcock.

okay I think I combed over all my monsterfuckers hrt posts, time to go over my lewd website hrt posts, and then my goblin camp hrt posts....-yawn-

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