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Comics Table of Contents, presented chronologically. These are links to the first post of each threaded comic scenario.

"Faun Brat"
Fantasy setting, bloody

"Public Restroom"
AU as strangers, kinky hook up

"Shave and a Haircut"
Power imbalance, D/s kink (bad dom)

Exhibition and D/s kink

Roommate gets permissions


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"Chastity / Lure"
Very long thread. Escape, submission, friends become lovers, backseat photo opp, and murder

"Nostalgia" - Followers only, so I can't link to it. Epilogue to Lure, body disposal and ruminating on abuse.

Petplay, family planning, sleepy encounter between roommates.

"Mermaid Eggs"
Ovipositor, transformation, a mermaid and her girlfriend

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Hey there, I'm Sorrel. I already had a lewd alt but I made another, mostly because of the irresistible new instance, and also because I draw monsters anyway, why not draw monsters lewdly? Plus I'm curious to see what other people put up around here as well.

If you try to flirt with me before we've had a single conversation I just won't reply. As much as I love flirting, I don't like making people uncomfortable, and that is easier to avoid if I know somebody better.


gosh, a 32 year old man named horny bastard wants to be my friend?


18 year old asking if I'm horny on fetlife and it's like, baby, you are a baby, also no, I'm not

fetlife sorta shitpost, 2nd person pronoun 

ah, I see you like my tits. I like your wife's tits.

@stolas "Here, go home and read this play that was written to be experienced performed by actors in a raucous, open-air theatre while sitting alone in your room."

I don't blame the teachers, they can only work with what they are given but it still boggles my mind when I remember that they tried to teach you how to understand the sub-context of plays without at any point having you go watch a play.

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asking for help, boosts ok 

We still don’t have a roommate after we kicked cal out, so I’ve been driving again while still looking for other work. Yesterday I only made 7 dollars in 8 hours. We need help. I’ve got 27 dollars to my name. I’m sorry I have to keep asking but we don’t have any other options. My one roommate is searching for a job while the other has to rely on disability for income.$chillauryn

the white free speech ideal: "Free flow of ideas!"

reality: a sewage line burst in your home

questionable fediverse instance, request for further investigation 

Stumbled across this one in my wanderings, figure I'd send up a flare just in case it wasn't on folks' radar yet.

They're marketing themselves as a "pro-freedom of speech and expression instance on the fediverse."

This is one of their users:

Do I need to say more about the red flags, or can y'all see 'em?

by being cute and watching old episodes of pokemon indigo league so who’s the toughest now huh

Kid, with a very concerned look on his face, sounding upset: "Mom, Daddy turned into a bat."

figure drawing update 

I’m getting better at this

From Instagram:

'Settlers have created a huge line of boats to try and intimidate Mi'kmaq and keep us from fishing in our homeland' ' Sunday afternoon, dozens of non-indigenous commercial fishing boats continue to surround Mi'kmaq fishers in St.Mary's Bay, hauling up lobster traps set by the Mi'kmaq.'

personal experience on testosterone+ 

i see a lot of "t makes you angry" & while that isn't necessarily untrue, i wanted to talk about my experience with it

>hrt allowed me to access emotions that i'd long blocked from dysphoria/dissociation, so being suddenly able to recognize that i was upset was a huge net positive in my personal development

>long term it made me more relaxed and less irritable b/c i didn't have all that blockage of suppressed emotions i was constantly pushing against


"I found this at my work. I find things for people at work. People always leave things at work; that's why I go to work sometimes."

My birthday is this upcoming Monday, and I'm in the middle of prepping to move to another state by the end of the year (hopefully)

If you want to help, donate here for my bday!

asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 


sorry to have to do this yet again

i've been applying for state jobs where DD works so hopefully i won't have to for much longer

i need money for groceries and meds and other necessities

my paypal is

thank you so much for literally keeping me alive, fediverse!!! :blacker_heart: :black_sparkles:


"It can also get wheels so it can walk when you're not able to walk. Like there's a thousand legs on the bottom part here. They're so small, they're tinier than a bug. Mommy, they're this small."

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