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Re #introductions 

Many greetings critters! My name is Kai, and this is an AD alt of @StarlightPath . If it's lewd or just a bit too much for my main, expect it to go here~

Expect posts about lewd TF, eggs, and other pokehorny interests! Posts will be limited since I'm not horny all the time, but feel free to interact with me none the less!

Please be advised, posts are unlisted by default, but may go into followers-only without notice.

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The fact this gif makes buizel's puffed up ring look disproportionately larger then its head in the mastodon still frame is the only reason I'm keeping this as a placeholder avatar~

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Expected CW list, NSFW Mention 

Here's a list of CWs you'll probably see from this account, in no particular order. Feel free to reply if you'd like to understand the meaning of one!

Directed at Reader

I'll follow up if I can think of any more~

Horny, NSFW, some MH (~+) 

Lemme just lay down face first while someone rails my tired behind because I am just *done* for the day~

(Tough day at work, am feeling pretty good otherwise!)

Pokehorny, Heat, Eggposting 

I feel like a Pokemon in heat~

I've gone from the sexual equivalent of the shrug emoji to a Buizel that's wanted to do nothing more all week then give all of their pokemon friends a bunch of eggs to lay before getting filled with a clutch of their own.

And I'm *still* horny af at the end of the week. >///>

nsfw art - mild inflation, internal view 

more old stuff

filled up & plugged up

New Vocabulary (Genital Mention) 

Dick Comfy: The sensation of feeling comfortable with a penis after having former experiences of being uncomfortable with it.

"I've spent the last two years being unsure if I liked having my dick, until I started exploring being genderfluid. After a lot of positivity from friends and my partner, I'm feeling rather dick comfy!"

Sexual Fluid Mention, TMI 

I came and ended up with a few wet little splatters on my chest, thought 'no big deal'.

Immediately shot the biggest spurt right onto my face and glasses without warning.

Thanks, dick. >///>


Friends don't let friends go without a belly full of eggs~

this is probably a thought meant for kat primarina to turn into something tf horny but it ended up in my brain instead of his by mistake 

"so, how are you doing?"

"oh, you know, same as always. got a little bit of interesting life news, turns out i have an STI"

"oh no! like herpes, or chlamydia, or -"

"not that type of STI!"

"...what type then"

"it's not a sexually transmitted infection, it's a spetting transmitted infection; you see, i petted a primarina, and now i'm turning into one,"


Friends don't let friends go without a belly full of eggs~

Pokehorny, Eggposting 

Something about being egg horny is just so... good.

Getting bred again and again, having your belly get all swollen with them, then eventually spending several hours laying them only to get bred again and repeat the whole cycle.

Pokehorny, Eggposting 

I just want one or more cute, loving pokemon to help give me a fully belly of eggs, that's all~


Reminder that a bui is open to be talked dirty to and is in some form or another always wet

Granted it might be because they're in the water but ya know~

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The group chat I'm in talked about each other's pokemon having fun together and

Heck, I'm so glad to be around like minded horny people~

If you have one horn you're horny

If you have two horns you're hornies

sorry I don't make up the rules around here

Genitals, Pokelewd 

Buizel with dick energy continues

Something about jerking off while perfectly buoyant underneath the water~

Lewd, Genitals 

Buizel, but with dick. That's all there really is to it~

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Lewd, Genitals 

Feeling dick energy tonight, that's a rarity~

Sid's gender-free guide to facial hair & shaving 

So, hair grows in different directions on most people. This is what people mean when they refer to "the grain." Your hair might be coarse or fine or curled or straight. But take a moment to notice what directions your hair to be shaved is growing in.

There are charts for this, but they may not apply to you, particularly if you're not European descent. Myself, I have a couple of "whorls" in my beard where the hair grows in a spiral. That's super fun to shave lol

Also, if you're going thru puberty or starting testosterone, your hair follicles are being "switched on," which means it will be lightly pigmented and fine at first. (Peach fuzz) Be patient. As the hormones do their work, your hair will grow coarser and thicker. If your hormones are taking you the opposite direction, then the opposite will be true.

But, the act of shaving itself does nothing to affect the way your hair grows. Shaved hair will not grow back "thicker." This is a myth. It may feel different if you have fine hair and the hair that grows back is thicker than the hair you shaved. But this would have happened whether you shaved or not.

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