Dialogue wheel options:

Reserved- You're soo pretty :beg_blush:
Forward- Nice ass homo :heart_smirk:
Unhinged- :awoo: woof woof woof bark bark bakr bskr bskrbs djsnsj jdnx awooooo

Directed at reader 

Concept: you're sucking my cock under my desk while I game :3c

intrusive thought, lewd 

if you're getting down with a transgirl that's got a neovag you can press her clit and her prostate at the same time to make her take a screenshot

The cool thing about being friends with me is I will suck your cock if you ask nicely, and still beat you in mario kart, at the same time.

Growling, getting down in all fours, foaming at the mouth, doing the Jack-O pose

I need to follow more people but im lazy,

If we're mutuals on main and you wanna see my dumb horny brain posts feel free

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