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hello, it is me, morgan, aka femboy turboslut, aka thicc_commie_femboy69, aka that narcissistic weirdo, aka-

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people putting their fingers in my mouth?? good. opening my mouth??? im already melted

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very lewd 

that thing when you're worshipping someone's balls and their dick is on your face


big dicked femboys! The bigger it is, the more there is to tease!

lewd shitpost 

[the height of chaste] nothing sweeter than the mooing of a pent up cow begging for release

An eldritch horror: "worthless insect, I am the wrath who boils in the void, the harbinger of decay. My existence spans eons forgotten as I devour all on my path. Soon I will appear before you and you shall behold my might!"

Me: are you,,,, asking me on a date? :blobcatblush:

topless woman, eye contact, charlotte 

i couldn't care less how Wednesday it is right now. nobody told me there existed a #tittytuesday until today. witness 'em!

fullbody nude, smug eye contact, charlotte 

hey. hey. check me out immediately.

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