Butt, nude, boostable 

Sideways and the color balance is weird but I'm still hot

genital shitpost 

@ImpishGnoll Anybody know a good way to ship my cock via air mail

What am I eating tonight

And if you say ass, cock, pussy, etc you better deliver

I'm horny but also have almost no desire to act on it and it's just frustrating

autocorrect, silly 

I meant: you've got my number
I typed: you've got my bones




Eating the main course and by that I mean A S S

nsfw furry porn!! tentacle in orca pussy... underwater! 

Patreon reward for Aquilak ( furaffinity.net/user/Aquilak )!

naughty naughty tentacles. they'll do that to ya

nsfw furry porn!! straight PIV sex oh no!!!!!!! 

Patreon reward for DragonNamedRedd ( furaffinity.net/user/DragonNam )!

haha oh no don't horny poison me

NSFW Furry Art (Cis Male Couple, Kissing, Erect Penis, Intimate) 

Commission for zlayter and taylor_loves_tea on FA! I adore drawing these boys <3

Get early access and free art on patreon; patreon.com/blvejaysart
My commission prices are currently open to negotiation, so nows your time to make a deal; jaysartcommissions.wixsite.com

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