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Fluff-Kevlar appreciation post, especially Twix and Avery which are some of my favorite characters

Tired of having to do all the work of groping myself during anime time just bc I live alone

Fucked up nobody's helping me test out the new lube I just bought

Lewd, butt stuff, Lube PSA 

Fun reminder that the same lube can behave differently in different situations!

For me, the lube we started one is one I use all the time for myself, including with toys way bigger than my gf's fingers and it works great

But!!!! Skin isn't silicone and someone else navigating is different from navigating yourself and so it evaporated/got absorbed WAY QUICKER, maybe due to increased heat, friction, and porous surfaces!

Always have a back-up, is what I'm saying :3

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Lewd, butt stuff 

My girlfriend made fun of me last night bc I said I might be at my limit & had us switch lubes from a water based to a hybrid

... And then immediately demanded she increase the fingers in my butt :blob_sweat:

I have just, extremely stepped into the role of being a sub with my gf

Which feels funny just bc we had been dating over a year before this and that wasn't really our dynamic at all

I was hoping to post a pic of me wearing the collar boyf got, possibly dripping with cum textured lube

But it didn't fit so everything is terrible for everyone now


Lil Nas X had his legs around Satan's head/neck for half that scene but waited until he got his to snap the neck bc he's a legend, TBH

Workout plan to build my thigh strength and stamina bc reasons

I said this like it's in the past but I promise you all here today that I will rise to the challenge and out due myself this spring

Just not like, literally rise because I've been on spiro for 4 1/2 fucking years

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Honestly my girlfriend deserves some kinda trophy for putting up with what a horny gremlin I've been all damn winter

I'm like, super incredibly horny and want someone to destroy me

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I'm like, super incredibly horny and want someone to destroy me

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I'm like, super incredibly horny and wanna destroy someone

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