Heo! I'm Leia! Please be patient while I construct my profile. In the meantime:

Robots. Sexy or sexy?

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@snarkydragonbutt psst when you have a chance can you approve my friend, anarchist_slutrat? Ty 💜

CC @ChaosSkeleton

Excuse me for supporting traditional gender roles, but I just think someone should hold this enby down & pleasure me


@ImpishGnoll *lays comfortably on top of you, grappling you around the chest with both paws, and gives your breasts long, loving strokes with his tongue* |3

Someone needs to start rubbing my boobs every morning & every night to help encourage another growth spurt

Which of you nerds is it gonna be

I wanna play with my toys but it's so much fucking work

One like = one tear

I really want to jerk off but I just cleaned my sheets this morning and I want one night where they're definitely clean

It does NOT help that a cutie is going out of his way to turn me on and be a sweetheart <.<;:

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Hey it's @xandra! This is a more lewd account for gay furry smut. All lewd posts will be tagged as such, and with specific fetishes, etc. Anyway, I'm hear to have some fun! 😏

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The fox breathed heavily as the blue jay pounded at her ass, gradually building his pace. Her claws scraped at the tree she was leaning against as she reached her peak. With a grunt, the bluejay finished, filling the fox's ass with cum. The fox blew her own load soon after, making a mess of herself and leaving a streak of cum splattered against the tree.

"Phew," said the Fox. "I should go bird watching more often!"

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Where would you most like to bite a yeen

Lewd Poll / Kink Adjacent 

@ImpishGnoll @chimerror you need, like, a heat map

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@ImpishGnoll anyone who doesn't vote for all options is lying

Lewd Poll / Kink Adjacent 

Where would you most like to bite a yeen

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