If goats were intended to "get off" why would the Good Lord put them on mountains?? Hmmm????

this is silly 

y'all when you post lewd art: lewd (or nsfw) furry : very vague as hell, really won't know until i click on it and might be disappointed

me posting lewd art: posts every kink included until my fingers bleed so i won't disappoint myself

Hi! We're the Ouroboros and we are here to help @snarkydragonbutt with modding and stuff!

And also be horny.

We're a plural system of monsterfuckers and otherkin and like they/them pronouns for the system as a whole.

We can also be found on our own instance, @systemroot

I have brought this empire to its knees and I shall reap the rewards when I please

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Like why does this person wanna chew on my ta-- OH

Because I was asking someone to step up and do it whoooooops

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Sometimes I post horny things then go to sleep and forget I posted anything for days/weeks/months and then it's a surprise when I login again and have notifications

What if... Instead of whatever nonsense you're doing

You were pinning me down, kissing me wet and hard, and fingering my taint :yeenthink:

My gf got me extremely revved up and then went home 😖

That's my move

I've built up the will to do it but my horny won't come back

This is a fucking Faulkner novel

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Do you ever get horny and then think about how much effort it would be to get yourself off good and get unhorny?


Drafting reflection questions and a work book to accompany the copy of How to Fuck Trans Girls I'm assigning to every future sexual partner so they can figure out my damned junk

Why is having weird and awkward reflection on my genitals making me so incredibly horny?

Am I horny or just touch starved: the movie the game the ride

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