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Hello MonsterF---ers! I am dash, a (more or less) middle-aged cisgendered man in California. You may know me from lewd dot website where I posted a lot of nonsense and tried to look cute. I want to do the same here with all of you.

I fave and comment all over the place so engage/ignore/confront as you like. You can also boost/follow request whenever you wish. Thank you!

Sobbing as I prepare to move after my TCH PNUS license is rejected by another state.

Mark Hamill has years of training acting against Muppets. Muppets are real to him now.

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yeah yeah sure it's fucked up but this level is hard man

NSFW Nudity 

Seizing the day: When the weather and the rules both allowed Rachelle Summers to celebrate the outdoors with us last September. at Two Wei location. 😃

Smaug definitely had sex on top of his massive gold hoard, right?

Thinking about the shirtless smooching muscle dudes from SimCopter.

*Fred Schneider from the B-52s playing Mega Man Legends* IT WAS A ROCK VOLNUTT!

Did you know that "copper cow" brand non dairy coconut creamer looks an awfully lot like cum and it mixes well with most drinks?

It also comes in packets that you can make it ooze out of slowly...

I believe, with my full heart, that if the technology had existed, Obama would have vaped

It’s only a sea shanty if it comes from the Shanty region of Fr—

*Joke Police come in and arrest me for using an outdated joke format*

X-Files but also Sex-Files 

Did Mulder ever have sex with an alien? I can only recall him having sex with that one vampire but no aliens.

What dragons am I thinking about today?

The ones from Bahamut Lagoon on the SNES

*shrugging as I’m assaulted by ancient tendrils*

“Gotta summon something...”

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Lighting my entire apartment in black light and painting my body in glowing runes to summon the Old Ones.

The power of kitchen utensils - being asked to beat yourself with a wooden spoon is not easy to accomplish, but @NerdLust did amazingly.

#servicesubmissive #painslut #bdsm #submissive #powerexchange #omfgthathair

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