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I just really love seeing people’s OCs. It makes me happy

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[Buscemi.JPEG]How do you do fellow kids? I’m Nick and I’m here to admire monster dongs and make friends to chat about nerd shit with!

“she’s a very kinky girl~ the kind you don’t take home to mother!”


money request, financial issues, birthday 

my boyfriend has been struggling to make rent and groceries for a while now, bc of the debt that was unfairly pushed on him by the state of washington when they /retroactively/ denied him unemployment benefits

but today it's his birthday, so it would make me especially happy if he got to feel a little safer and more stable today. if you can help at all with a kofi or two, it'd mean the world to me<3

lewd, rambling 

i wannna ffuuuck it's been so long

i wanna cum all over someone then have them cum all over me and then fall asleep cuddling them

(and then probably have to shower with them afterwards since we'll both be kinda sticky at that point hehe)

nsfw furry porn!! big alligator dude wants you to put on a cool collar. also, his dick's out 

you WILL wear the collar. this is non-negotiable. in fact it's the only way I can get off, thanks

nsfw furry art, fox orbs 

obviously this is about synthi because his balls weigh almost as much as the rest of his tiny-ass body by itself

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lewd, orbs, a simple request 

big fat huge heavy nuts, boost if you agree


Me unprompted: “hey you like big cocks~?”
Then: “no.”
Me again: “then your talking to the right guy!”

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Might fuck around and post nudes idk


Oops oh no, I tripped and fell into a very sticky mud puddle, leaving my ass completely exposed to any nearby monsters~

Sure was a bad day to wear a skirt and no undergarments~

Boy I sure hope no monsters take advantage of me while I struggle to free myself for the next 10 minutes, this mud puddle is soooo slick and hard to get out of~

Lewd? mh 

I wanna be horny but I just don’t have it in me...


We as a society need to do away with the term trap and just say twink like civilized human beings

lewd drawing 

Snake butt snake butt snake butt (use it)

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