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Hello! I am Cilich! I am a half male fox half female dragon hybrid (it's complicated, but long story short magic) that is a representation of my more adult side! My adult interests are varied and numerous!

Here you'll typically see my various horny thoughts (and ooh boy are there a lot!) and things that would normally not be posted to my actual primary! I'll try to CW anything lewd, but if I do miss something (or mistag things) feel free to poke me about it and I'll work on correcting it!

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I like writing my stories for people to enjoy. Most of them are indeed based on my own personal fetishes and fantasies. Many of them are ambiguous (I try to avoid using specific gender markers in point of view stories whenever possible so the reader has an easier time inserting themselves into the fantasy if they choose) but some that are very specific (like gender transformation) do require using specific pronouns, but I do try to include multiple sides so that more people can enjoy it as well!


Seriously, I want monster females that look like they could absolutely DESTROY me with just a mere thought if they wished. Monster females that could EASILY pin me and have their very wild way with my poor frail body. Monsters that could easily break me if they aren't careful!

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It still boggles my mind that the mainstream idea of making monsters hotter is making them more human. This is ESPECIALLY prevalent in anime, and ESPECIALLY with female monsters. Bunch of cowards.

Lewd, Goodra 

If pokemon did exist in real space you bet I'd be a Goodra trainer. I'd want to be best friends with my Goodra, and if it wanted to be really friendly I doubt I'd discourage them~

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Lewd, Goodra 

Goodra slime would make for a great all natural personal lubricant. I wonder if it would have any other health benefits. Like as a moisturizer. Get snuggly with your Goodra for healthy looking skin!

Horny, second person, dragon, alc mention 

If it was a dream, then it was one hell of a dream, and thinking about it is getting you worked up. But one look at the dragon's smug as fuck face (and its own arousal visibly growing) you can be pretty sure it was not. At least the smug fuck was decent enough to clean you up. Ugh, if the others find out you're never going to live this down...

The dragon interrupts your thoughts with an inviting brush of a tailtip.

Fuck it, one more round won't hurt.

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Horny, second person, dragon, alc mention 

Your hazy memories seem to include the dragon getting somewhat friendly, skipping to seeing just how much dragon tongue you can deepthroat, finding out just how magical that tongue is between your legs, unsanctioned uses of a scabbard (going to have to burn that later...) as well as finding yourself shoulder deep in the dragon's nethers, taking damn near ALL of the dragon's dick, and getting absolutely soaked in cum.

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Horny, second person, dragon, alc mention 

It gets real fuzzy halfway through the third barrel, but at least that explains why you woke up in the cave, and the hangover. Still doesn't explain why you're naked, and from the looks of your discarded garments in a bit of a hurry, unless... Some bits of memory are coming through, though in a dream-like haze, and... Oh no. You really hope it was a dream, but..

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Horny, second person, dragon, alc mention 

Thankfully most of the hard work was done beforehand, you were just there to finalize the deal. Given you're not dead or in an inn with a wicked hangover you assume that part went well enough, but you still don't... Ah. There's three empty barrels of mead in another corner.

It's starting to come back to you now. It did go well, the papers were signed, the dragon's requirements were met, a barrel was opened to celebrate, then another... Then another.

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Horny, second person, dragon, alc mention 

You notice that you were apparently wearing your fancy armor, which... Looks hastily thrown in a corner carelessly. Oh good and they're scuffed, too. Your superior won't be thrilled about that. Your clothes are also just hastily tossed around, too, on the dusty cavern floor. Wait, cavern?
... Oh right, you were sent on a diplomatic mission to discuss an arrangement for a new trade route through the mountains.

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Horny, second person, dragon, alc mention 

You wake up feeling like someone started a mosh pit in your head. Last time you had a hangover this bad you tried to drink a dwarf under the table. Barely lost that one, too. You look around, and realize you're not in one of the drunk beds at the local tavern this time. ... You're also not home, so where are you?

Horny, sea monsters 

Sea World, except it's full of horny sea monsters, all the shows are open to audience participation, and most of the exhibits allow for the public to be with the creatures.
...most of them. There's a couple for the truly adventerous, and those require special passes!

Horny, dragon 

Oops, horny thoughts of a dragon deep in rut so excited to tap that booty they nut as soon as their rock hard dick touches one. But no need to worry, the fun has only just begun! It's deep into the month long rutting season and that horny fucker is not going soft until at LEAST 10 loads have been pumped deep inside one! And now that its found a willing mate, this is going to be a daily thing for at LEAST another week or two

Horny, multi-headed creatures 

Horny thoughts of multiheaded creatures that GREATLY enjoy making out with themselves. Like a hydra with anywhere between 2 heads and 20 dozen heads just all actively making out with one another.

Super horny thoughts of getting dragged into the massive makeout session so that the odd head out has someone they can also make out with~

...ultra horny thoughts of getting passed around for ALL the heads to make out with one~

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Kobolds favorite pudding 🐲✨


Oh I bet they fucking are ;3c


Horny, dragon, fighting as foreplay 

Spending damn near an hour on your first fight with an actual dragon, and suddenly it turns EXTREMELY horny with the dragon presenting its genital region towards you. Turns out this sort of thing is basically like courting the dragons with the fighting merely foreplay, and the victor gets the right to top the loser.

You could of course slay the dragon, but... No harm in indulging the horny beast instead, right?

Lewd, monsters, shitpost 

When you want to sleep, moments before the impromptu monster gangbang begins:

"You may not rest now, there are monsters nearby"

Horny, Goodra 

Got Goodra on the mind again. Lewd or not, I just want some naked cuddle time with the goopy pokemon (naked because I don't want my clothes ruined.
...and for horny reasons :P)

Horny, monster dick 

Horny thoughts of getting pinned by a creature with a dick like an artichoke, but it's real soft and pliable, oozes a thin green slime like crazy (especially when played with,) and "blossoms" before orgasm, excreting a thick green slimy ejaculate that's both slick and sticky, and LOTS of it

Horny, halloween, werewolves, vine bondage 

Oops, it's Halloween! And a full moon tonight! You know what that means! Time to go get gangbanged by 14 werewolves in public! :D Probably in a haunted pumpkin patch where wild magic makes the pumpkin vines bind one in ways to make it far easier for the werewolves to do their thing~

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virgin monsterfucker:
-monstergirls eg anime girls with cat ears
-exclusively watches m monster / f human porn
-i Will kick their ass

chad monsterfucker:
-[sees horrifying writhing tentacle demon] ah, boyfriend material
-"remember kids, it's gotta have a human or higher level of consciousness and be capable of consent!"
-is also a monster
-i Will date them

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